The New Campus

The 2016 fall semester is here and with it comes the next stages In Pace’s master plan to reinvent and revitalize the campus. Over the past few years students have been very vocal about what they think of the campus and administration to which pace responded with a series of overhauls to change the aesthetic of the school from 1995 to the current decade.

The newly paved roads and simple additions like the quad between Kessel student center and elm hall make all the difference this semester, and while the buzz around campus seems to be mostly positive, there are a few minor strings needed to tie everything together.

A few things still stand out like the absence of grass around Elm, Alumni and Kessel. Rooms in Elm are un finished or without hot water leaving students frustrated that they have to pay so much money for and unfinished product. This seems to be somewhat of a trend for these new dorms as this time last year Alumni hall was having similar issues.

The issues, to some, avert the attempt the administration has made to provide the student body with a more comfortable and stylish college feel. Only time will tell if these issues subside and the master plan comes together.





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