It’s More Than Just A Game



The beginning of school is well underway, and the Pace athletics calendar is full of upcoming games. From field hockey and women’s soccer to football and cross country, there is never a blank slot in the calendar.

This past week Pace’s football team challenged Assumption College on our home turf. The crowd of students that flooded in to support the players was mesmerizing. Blue and gold face paint was seen on almost every student, free blue t-shirts were given out to “Blue Out” the stands, and Pace football hats were seen in abundance.

The cheerleaders pep was contagious, families of the players were present, the freshmen were beyond ecstatic, and the entire stadium was filled with setter pride. And, although Pace lost, 16-59, a tough game was played.

Pace’s field hockey team has only lost one of their games so far this season, which is impressive considering this is only the second year Pace has had a team. The soccer team has also only had one loss from their three games played thus far. Excellent teamwork, communication and effort is put in to each practice which helps to make game time more rewarding.

In addition to the sport teams, Pace also supports its athletes on social media by acknowledging athletes successes and featuring them as “Setter’s of the Week.” Whether it was for the game winning goal, an amazing pass or reception, strong sportsmanship, the list is endless. Pace commends the student athletes through this outlet which helps to make the early morning practices, ice baths and long days worth it.


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