Chronicle On The Web

Pace University as an established institution since 1906, having an informative newspaper is essential. On the Pleasantville campus The Pace Chronicle is released each week featuring the most up to date news and interesting occurrences.

The Pace Chronicle has formed a new way to reach its audience, through the inter-web. The website, is reminiscent of the New York Times layout; sporting black and white with a very similar font for the title of the paper. There is no telling if this was intentional, but the layout gives the paper a prestigious and trusted feel.

Each issue spans a few pages, nothing as thick as the New York Times but informative and straight to the point which most students appreciate. There are different sections such as: sports, health and beauty, entertainment and opinion.

The main concern of any school paper is to keep the student body informed about what is going on through out the campus. This seems to be the case with the new website as its featured articles are all from the past few weeks and highlight on campus events. All are informative and well written. The is only a week or two old but seems to be well put together nd like it will be used more and more by students and alumni in the coming years.



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