Good Eats

Sick of Kessel food, need something new to fill your stomach. Pace offers a few alternative options to feed that appetite. Pace Perk, Pace Mart and a variety of flex dollar options are available to Pace students all through the semester.

Pace Perk:

The Perk, as it is commonly referred to is located underneath Martin Hall. It offers all the snacks that every kid begged their parent for in the grocery store. The menu is packed, from Tostino’s Pizza Rolls and Bagel Bites to Eggo Waffles and French Toast Sticks. The most popular item though are the milkshakes. They have been a staple of this student run business since it’s inspection years ago.

Pace Mart:

The Pace Mart, located in Mortola Library has more of a stop and shop feel. It carries snacks like chips and cookies but also has candy bars, coffee, frozen food, as well as stationary and toiletries. The Mart is a must have for those students burning bothering ends of the candle in Club Lib.

Flex Zone:

Each Student gets a certain amount of flex dollars in their meal plan that they can use at participating restaurants and stores in the area. The list consists of:

Lucio’s Pizza

Italian Brick Oven Pizza


On’s Chinese Kitchen


Pleasantville Dinner

Viana’s Pizza

And Pony Express to go.

If those Kessel burritos start becoming too much of a hassel or you are looking for some variety in your diet, try any of these options.


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