Just A Tip

Pace offers so many activities and extracurriculars on campus every single day of the week. It is a shame that more people do not know what a treasure chest of things to do this campus really is. For those who do not already attend events daily or are board in their room complaining about how they wish they had gone to Ithaca College, here are some tips that will hopefully change your perspective.

The Flush Flash:

In almost every bathroom in almost every building that is non-residential there is a flyer posted on the wall detailing events being held throughout the week. This is a great way to get your information while practicing proper hygiene.

MyPace App:

The MyPace Student App has a full calendar of events being held on both the Pleasantville and New York City campuses as well as a student events section that shows events through out the month that are on each student’s campus. The application is available for download on both iOS and Android.


One thing that any student at Pace with hear about a lot is OrgSync. It is unavoidable. It is essentially the easiest way to check for new events and and check your housing points with are important to those who want to live the good life in Elm or Alumni.

It is always important to note that the SDCA office is located on the top floor of Kessel student center and they are more than willing to help you.


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