Pace Makes A Difference Day

A Pace tradition that has been in place for the last several years is the annual Pace Makes A Difference Day (PMADD). Students, faculty and staff alike go into the local community and lend a hand wherever volunteers are in need.

There are several different organizations on campus that volunteer or form groups to go and pitch in together. From Greek fraternities and sororities, Student Development and Campus Activities (SDCA) staff volunteers to anyone on campus who needs community service hours, whatever the reason PMADD appreciates it.

Taking one Saturday out of your semester to give back is a great opportunity for Pace students to learn how to be actively involved in your local community. This year on October 22, 2016 Pace will ask students to meet in a central location at 9am to depart on school buses to the designated areas. Lunch is always provided after volunteering to end a great day on a positive note!

Alternatively to volunteering, there is also an opportunity to be a site leader. Students need to apply prior to this event via Orgsync, and if anyone in the community seeks to be a volunteer site there is information regarding the instructions via the Pace website.



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