Running Out Of Juice

Pace portable charging stations located in Kessel Student Center and the Mortola Library have been some of the most frequently used additions the university has invested in.

Each charging station carries between ten and 15 lockers that securely host and charge both iPhone and Android’s like any regular charger would do. In each metal locker there are two cords, and room to charge multiple devices. The lockers towards the top are smaller, and the bottom most ones are large enough to fit iPads and other tablets.

Once your device is securely placed into the locker, there is a digital lock code on the outside where you choose a simple series of numbers to be your temporary passcode while your device charges. There is a restriction in the sense that students are not allowed to keep their devices in these stations over night, but during the day they may use them for as long as they like.

Running out of battery is a students worst nightmare, and these charging stations have made it more convenient so that students do not need to go all the way back to their rooms during the day.

In addition, Pace Mart in the library also sells chargers for all different phone types and earbuds for those people that misplace or loose their chargers.



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