Welcome To CAC

Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) is a combined effort of college students, staff and employee’s of American Cancer Society to work together to find a cure for cancer.

CAC is present on a number of college campuses across the country has been for some time. At Pace University the CAC members work all year to raise awareness about different types of cancer.

This is semester they are implementing some changes as well as adding to their major events. some ways of raising awareness are new like wearing pink on Wednesdays while other events are returning such as their Great American Smoke out.

This event is On November 17th form 10am to 6pm in Kessel Student Center. The idea is to raise awareness on campus about the harmful effects of smoking tobacco for those who choose to make as well as those who do not but have to inhale the toxic chemicals anyways. The method is what makes it stand out. The members draw cigarettes and smoke and write our statistics with chalk on the ground outside of major buildings like Kessel and Mortola Library.

This and other events like it are a lead up to CAC’s biggest event o the year, Relay For Life which is a 12 hour event starting April 21st at 4pm and ending April 22nd at 4am.


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