Civility & Advocacy Week

Monday, October 17th starts a week-long event at Pace University called Civility and Advocacy Week. This will be the first time Pace has dedicated a week to sharing perspectives, finding healthy ways to discus difficult topics surrounding race, gender, sexual orientation and debunking stereotypes.

The week will consist of a number of different events. They are all hosted by a few different groups on campus with some of them being co-sponsored by other groups such as POWER, Hillel, and Pace’s own Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity.

Some of the events that will be available are Smashing Stereotypes, Navigating difficult conversations and Grit & Privilege. All of these and more lead up to the last event on Saturday morning October 22nd, Pace Makes A Difference Day. A long running event at Pace, the  The event Starts at 9:30am and will begin in the Gottesman Room in Kessel Student Center.

Students will be given the opportunity to volunteer their services to participating members and organizations of the surrounding Westchester community. Some options include but are not limited to, helping paint a school, volunteering at a hospital, or help out at a library.

The entire week offers a unique opportunity for the pace community to learn more about each other, talk about pressing issues that have yet to be dealt with and ones that are just surfacing, as well as help the local and wider community.


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