Working Hard

It is no secret that college students have a difficult time when it comes to money. Every student is already paying tens of thousands of dollars a year to attend their university or college, leaving many of them with little to no money.

There are ways that colleges and universities help students put a little extra cash in their pockets, and Pace is no exception. Students have a variety of opportunities to work during their free hours on campus.

Some opportunities include but are not limited to:

Being a peer leader for the Dyson Houses which requires one to set up, organize and manage events for students as well as allocate money for the events and listen students concerns and feedback.

Peer Tutoring is also an option in which a student can help their peers in the tutoring center with various assignments.

The student mail room also offers hours for students to help sort mail, check out packages and receive deliveries.

The Pace Mart, is a student run store located in the Library also offers an opportunity for a student to have their own income source but this employer only allows students from the Lubin School to receive hours.

Lastly, the Pace Perk, another student run entity on campus offers employment to only Lubin Students but is different from the environment and responsibilities of the Pace Mart. At the Perk, the students will have to use ovens and other equipment to prepare food for their customers.

These are but a few of the opportunites PAce University oiffers its students.





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