Profile: Marty Noble

Noble Beginnings

Mary Noble is a writer, not only in occupation but as a person. He is adamant that there is a difference between those who write and those who are writers. Marty had begun writing for his school paper while he was in high school while his sister was editor of the school paper a town away. He was editor for 3 years due to a low amount of Juniors and Seniors.

Marty ended up going to Linden State College from 1966 to 1969 where he worked the sports column in The Critic. From there Marty began working at the Caledonian Record in Vermont where he became, in his words “the entire sports division.” he moved around to a few papers such as New Jersey’s Herald News and The Bergan Record before he found himself at Newsday. To Marty Newsday was a writers paper, and if you were a good writer you would feel right at home. “Newsday was the best sports column in the country”


He covered the most sports but his main focus was baseball, more specifically the New York Mets. He worked that covering them from 1970 until 2015. One of his most memorable moments while covering the team was when he reported on the Mets picking up Mike Piazza. All other sports news outlets were reporting that Piazza would not be going to the Mets, one even saying that Marty’s claims were untrue. However the next day the Mets signing Piazza came out of left field to many journalist but Marty had the story all right, and he had it first.

Eventually Marty and Newsday parted ways and he found himself at where he has been since.

Marty & Micky

Over the course of his career Marty had the pleasure and opportunity meet some of baseball’s all time greats. One person that specifically stuck out to him was the late Micky Mantle. He had talked to Mantle many times over the years and the two became friends. Mantle died in 1995 but before he passed he signed an article written by Marty and a friend delivered it to him much later. It said “Hey Marty, thanks for everything, Mick”. The friend told him that Mantle only let his close friends refer to him as Mick, to the rest of the world it was Micky.

Marty still gets emotional when telling this story. Growing up watching Mantle play and idolizing him, to becoming close with his hero was one of his greatest memories.

Dinner Is Served

He is now working on a book, 5 To A Table. He plans to interview as many baseball players as he can, young and old, and ask them who they would have dinner with out of anyone in the world alive or deceased and why.

Marty Noble is a journalist with passion for sports and writing. He has had a long and successful career with more than a few accomplishments. He would be an a good fit at any table of 5.


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