Becoming A Leader

Pace University’s annual Fall Leadership Conference is approaching and with it come an opportunity for the entire student body to learn what it means to be a leader as well as take the first steps towards becoming one.

There are two speakers who will be attending this event to speak to the students. The first is Kat Lazo. Lazo is a feminist public speaker, a video blogger and a video producer. Her goal through her videos and public appearances is to encourage young minds to question social norms and the way they are presented by the media. Lazo also speaks on a variety of topics such as colorism in the Latin community and street harassment. She has been featured by Buzzfeed, USA Latino, The Daily News and NPR to name a few. One of her more notable talks, featured by the Huffington Post Women was “Feminism Isn’t Dead, It’s Gone Viral” To learn more about Kat Lazo and her views visit her YouTube channel Theekatsmeoww.

The second speaker is Olivia Worden, a graduate from Sarah Lawrence College with an MFA in Writing Lawrence has taught Diversity/Inclusion training at Roger Williams University and the Westchester County Correctional Facility as well as teaching at Pace and Sarah Lawrence.

Those who choose to attend will have the opportunity to interact with the speakers as well as fellow students and faculty on a variety of subjects.




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