Open House

If you noticed considerably a lot more people walking around campus yesterday that you never seen before, don’t worry there is an explanation. Yesterday, October 16th was Pace University Westchester’s Fall open house. This is one of Pace’s biggest events of the year. The event took place from 10am to 2pm all over campus. Potential students are invited to take tours of the campus and experience the feel of their potential new school.

Prospective students are given an opportunity to talk to current students in a variety of different majors as well as here about some of their internship and job opportunities. potential students will also be allowed to meet with members of the admissions office to go over deadlines for applications and get any other questions they may have answered.

In addition to meeting the right people and learning about their experiences those who attend the open house will have the opportunity to discover what clubs and student organizations are on campus, explored a number of different majors, and learn about financial aid and scholarship opportunities which can be invaluable to many students who can not pay the entire tuition out-of-pocket.

Here is the Pace University Westcheter open house video:



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