Deepher Dude

This past Saturday the 22nd of October in the Gottesman room in Kessel student center the sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon held one of their annual events. Deepher dude was a fashion show that was used to raise money for cystic fibrosis. 

The event has been one of their longest annual run events with over 2 decades of shows. 

There were six contestants and each of them answered questions about themselves through 3 categories. The first was formal wear in witch the contestarts were encouraged to dress to the nines. Most of them wore suits and ties.

The second was the swimsuit category in witch the contestants either showed off some skin or wore tubes, or arm flotation devices to keep their hopes of winning aflaot a little longer.

The Third and final category was super heros and the audience was treated to a good variety such as, batman, Superman, and a “White suburban dad”. Who’s super power would be lighting up the grill after putting his children to sleep.
The event had the crowd in hysterics from the get go and the sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon also provided food for the event from a school favorite Sal’s Pizzeria. 


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