Advisor Meetings

It is finally November and it is getting close to the usual Advisor meeting rush. Each year Pace students scurry to make meetings with advisors before winter break and each year there are multiple people who are not able to meet with their advisor due to a their advisor being too busy and them waiting to long to schedule an appointment. Some question the necessity of making an appointment at all but each school at Pace offers vital assistance to their students.

Advisors play a crucial role in the development of students academic success. One of the most important things they do is helping construct schedules for their students. Many students take on this responsibility themselves but having an advisors help can be very beneficial. There is a core curriculum at Pace where each student must take certain classes in order to graduate. In addition to the core courses there are specific classes each student must take to complete the requirements for their specific major. Some students do not know this and struggle to graduate due to the fact that they did not take required courses.

Advisors will help students construct their schedules with the required courses Incorporated and keep students on track each semester to ensure their academic success.The importance of advising is stressed to lower class man in their first semester on campus so that all of Pace’s students are aware of the opportunities and help they can receive.


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