Interview Ready

Interviewing for jobs is a crucial skill to have and develop during college. In order to land your dream job or any job at all these days interview preparation is a simple tool that can greatly increase ones chances of obtaining said job.

For some trial and error is the only course of action one can take though for Pace University Students Career Services offers multiple resources including many interview workshops.

The workshops are held from 4:00 to 5:00pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout the semester. They are presented by different groups depending on which workshop you go to. Some are presented by Indeed and Pounding Pavement 101 companies that are centered around finding people jobs and making hunting for jobs a little bit easier. Another is the Treasury Marketing Practices Group which is “a group of market professionals”. Foresters Financial Services Inc. also attends a few of these.

With all of these opportunities at the fingertips of the Pace community it is no wonder that the graduation rate of students with full-time jobs is 80.3% and 85.9% 3 months after graduation.

A full list of the times and dates of each workshop this semester is linked below:



Best B-Schools for Getting a Job


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