Pace Abroad

Pace is constantly trying to offer its students as many opportunities as they can think up to make Pace a more appealing choice to spend 4 years and thousands of dollars on. That being said one of their opportunities involves not being here less. Studying abroad is a commonly used resource at all colleges and Pace is no different.

There are Study Abroad info sessions offered on Monday’s from 12:10 to 1:00 PM in the Dean’s Lounge in Kessel Student Center. These info sessions are required and crucial for students considering the Study Abroad program.

There are 2 different length options once you’ve made your decision to visit another country. The first is a full year or semester abroad. There are plenty of places to choose from like France, Greece. Italy, Germany, Ireland, Norway, New Zealand and the UK. The other option is a short term one. There are a variety of time periods such as Fall/August, Spring Semester/January, Spring Semester/Spring Break and Summer. These shorter time periods are geared toward specific classes for specific majors such as Marketing, Psychology, Nursing, Finance and Education to name  a few.

Either way there are great opportunities out there for those willing to look for them.


If you would like more information on the Study Abroad program you can contact:

PLV: Kessel Student Center, 212

Theresa Frey


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