Alumni, Students and Professors Influencing Recruitment and Enrollment, that is what ASPIRE is all about. Here at Pace University the members of ASPIRE help potential and future students by making accepted and committed students feel welcome by the larger Pace community. From sending personalized cards from alumni to prospective students to current students meeting the potentials and their families.

Alumni members of ASPIRE are given 10 to 25 names of potential and future students to write personalized cards to. This gives the committed students a resource to ask questions and guide them in the right direction when entering their first year. For the other students who have not yet committed, this personal outreach shows them that Pace offers a larger community than that of its undergraduate students who are willing to go out of their way to talk about why Pace is a good option.

Current students that are in ASPIRE have a close connection with the incoming students as they are some of the first faces the potential and future students will see at open houses. Talking to these potentials and their families is a n important job for Pace because the students become a resource for the kids by giving them tips, for the parents by answering their questions and for the university by encouraging the potential and futures students to pursue leadership roles such as ASPIRE.

If you would like more information about aspire visit:

or email:


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