P4k 2016: Follow Up

This past Saturday, the 19th of November, was the long awaited Pace For Kids Dance Marathon. The event went from 3:00 to 11:00pm. The Pace community  came out in force to support the fourth year of the event.

The dancing took place in Gottesman in Kessel student center where instructors taught those who attended pieces of a dance they created that would be performed and recorded at the end of the night. outside of Gottesman and right in front of the Pace bookstore were fee snacks and beverages for all who signed up for the event as well as Pizza, Pasta, and Chicken Parmesan.

Every so often a family that has been to or is currently using the aid of Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital’s services would come to the stage and talk about their child’s illness and how Maria Fareri accommodated them and welcomed them with open arms. There were also a variety of performances including a group of young dancers that blew the lid off of the Gottesman room electrifying the crowd.

Pace helped raise over $18,000, and although the goal of $30,000 was not met the members of Maria Fareri were thankful for the support that the Pace community gave them and are excited for next year.


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