The Winter is upon us here at Pace Pleasantville and the administration is offering intersession classes that will help students who are behind catch up and graduate on time or let students get ahead.

The intersession allows students to earn 3 credits in just 4 weeks which could be a real difference maker for some. In addition to offering regular classes, Pace also offers a number of completely online classes to make it even easier for those who are too far away to travel back to Pace over the winter break.

Registration started at the end of October but it is not too late to sign up. Classes start on the 3rd of January when tuition and fees are also due. Tuition is $1,180 per credit.

There are a plethora of courses offered such as accounting and marketing courses, as well as Math, History, Psychology, Science, and Criminal Justice courses to name a few.

Courses are offered on both the New York City Campus and the Pleasantville campus.

It would be beneficial to contact your advisor and find out what courses are best for you to take before committing to any intersession offers.

The Intersession start January 3rd but you can register now at:


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