Alternative Spring Break

This year, Pace University’s Spring Break is March 12-March 19, 2016. A unique program offered by the Center for Community Action and Research (CCAR) is Alternative Spring Break (ASB).

ASB is a week long program that engages students to participate and aid different places with a fun twist. In the past, ASB students have gone down to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and rebuilt a homeless shelter for those whose homes were destroyed. Another past engagement was where Pace students focused on the issue of poverty in New York City. They spent the week volunteering for non-profits in the area that were dedicated to ending poverty. And, in 2014, students went to Staten Island and Far Rockaway, Queens, to help people recover from hurricane Sandy.

To participate in Alternative Spring Break is a competitive process where 15 spaces are open to full-time students for free. In order to attend, each student must attend an information session, and applications are due by the third week in February.

The goal of ASB is to engage Pace students in a variety of social issues from volunteerism, activism, special guest speakers, excursions and films. ASB gives students a unique way to understand how social issues play out historically, on the ground, in regard to policy and in the non profit sector.

For more information on how to apply or become involved with Alternative Spring Break, contact CCAR Pleasantville at





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