Relay For Life: Kickoff 


Today Colleges Against Cancer hosted a kickoff event for Relay For Life in Wilcox multipurpose room.

The theme for Relay this year is games so each table had a board game for participants to play including Apples To Apples, Twister, Scrabble, and Headbanz.


There was food and drinks for the guest as well that CAC provided including pasta and an assortment of desserts such as cookies, cupcakes, and brownies.

The event began with people playing games, eating and socializing while those who had not already signed up for Relay For Life did so at a discounted price of $5. The discount will continue until Friday.

The Relay Co-coordinators, Harley Coutts, and Jalyn Robinson then spoke showed an inspiring video which is located below and spoke about the importance of relay.

Next Cassidy Caroselli, a Junior at Pace shared her story. When she was a child she was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer and had to undergo procedures to remove her entire kidney. Luckily Cassidy got better and though she can barely remember her treatment she began to help other who have cancer. She has been doing Relay for 12 years and all 3 years she has been at Pace.

The members of the audience were then asked to vote on the fundraising goal for this year by putting sticky notes on the number they wanted as pictured below.


The Relay is not until April 17th, which is a Friday, but The fight against cancer never stops so neither do the members of CAC.

For more information and to sign up for Relay For Life visit the link below:


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